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How do I browse for records?
How do I navigate the index?
How do I select a body?

How do I browse for records?

Select the Browse by Department tab to display an A-Z index of issuing bodies and departments. The A-Z index contains both current departments, and historical ones, for example the Department for Education and Skills, and the Department for Education and Employment. A full listing of all current governmental departments, executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies can be found at: http://www.civil-service.co.uk/.

Navigating the Index

Use the A-Z shortcuts at the top of this page to quickly jump to that point in the index (or scroll up and down the list if preferred).

If a + sign is displayed to the left of an entry, it means sub departments are present for the department or body – click the + sign to display them.

Selecting a Body

Click once on the body (or sub department) that you wish to access. A Search Results page is displayed which lists all records for that body. From here you can select any record to view its associated information, or use Search Results options to refine the list of records displayed.
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